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Is Pay-Per-Click Management Right For You?

PPC Marketing can be effective for almost all types of businesses as long as they identify the right key performance indicators or KPI’s. For some businesses this could be as simple as getting a phone call or a web form (lead), while for others this can be more complex, especially if there are multiple touch points for a customer before they take an action that would be considered a win or conversion. This is why it’s important to work with a digital marketing agency that can take a comprehensive and uniquely tailored approach to your business and ppc campaign management, rather than a “One Size Fits All” marketing strategy.

PPC Services Present You With:

  • More control over your spending 
  • Performance details, such as impressions, clicks, and conversions
  • A better understanding of your target audience
  • Improved brand awareness and recognition
  • Flexibility to start and stop campaigns when you wish
  • The chance to reach local or global audiences
Google Ads & Bing Ads

We specialize in the latest PPC platforms.

Keyword Research

We help you find the right keywords for your business.

5 Reasons PPC is Important for Your Success

Every business must determine the best option for reaching success in advertising. These 5 reasons PPC is important for success are just a few of the many benefits that come with this type of advertising. Who wouldn’t like a clear picture of your business growth? 

Infographic for 5 Steps in Pay Per Click Management

Profitable Pay Per Click Requires A Perfect Blend Of Mathematics And Strategic Planning Explained

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking shows you what happens after a customer interacts with your ads. This is also a great way to monitor whether users purchased a product, signed up for your newsletter, called your business, or downloaded your app. At Blast Off PPC, we utilize various tools to maintain visibility on the desired outcome and to optimize future ad campaigns.

Manage Your PPC Dollars: Set a Sensible Budget

We help your business determine a comfortable budget to start with and optimize from there. As we measure results, and report back on performance, we work with you to help determine which areas of your business you want to grow, and help provide forecast on traffic & conversion expectations based on your desired goals and your available PPC budget.

Find Niche Keywords: Long-Tail Keyword Strategy

The best PPC campaigns implement keyword research strategies for finding valuable long-tail keywords, as well as keyword search strategies for developing a list of negative keywords (words you don’t want your ad displaying for). While it’s good to have popular keywords as part of your PPC campaigns, the most searched words tend to be broader and more costly. Focusing on long-tail keywords keeps your traffic relevant and saves money.

Effective Ad Copy - The Silent Killer

Most PPC campaigns suffer from improper management and lack of optimization. It’s important to hire a team of experts that are constantly working to test the effectiveness of your Ad Copy. We test copy on a weekly basis for our clients to ensure we are always squeezing every last click possible for your dollar.

Why Choose Blast Off PPC for Your Pay Per Click Management?

A quick online search and you can find many companies offering pay-per-click management – each claiming they’ve got the secret ingredient to guide you on a successful campaign. So, why choose Blast Off PPC? Well, it’s easy. 

  • We are highly skilled in pay per click management
  • We take the time to get to know our clients – and their brands 
  • We think outside the box giving you unique ways to grow your business
  • We are passionate about what we do – and it is reflected in our results
  • We make it our mission to get you the highest ROI

And, of course, we should mention that we are very results-driven, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to launch a PPC campaign?

Believe it or not, PPC campaigns are rather quick to get off the ground – once the foundation has been laid. For instance, completing a keyword analysis. 

What are the main components of a PPC ad?

Found in the search results, PPC ads generally always contain four main elements. These include a headline, a description, the display URL, and the destination URL. Keep in mind that there are character limits based on the avenue you use. 

Who can benefit from PPC marketing?

Nearly all companies can benefit from some sort of internet marketing. When it comes to PPC marketing, certain types of businesses find the greatest benefits. These include businesses that are: 

• Seeking long–term customers, such as doctors, cell phone carriers, etc. 

• Focused on high margins from big-ticket items, including cars, electronics, and the like. 

• Offer event-based or holiday/seasonal products, such as wedding cakes, florists, etc. 

• Known for carrying unique products – especially eCommerce businesses.

How long will it take to see the results of a PPC campaign?

Unlike SEO services, PPC campaigns can be implemented rather quickly and, once they are live, you may start seeing results in less than a week. If you aren’t seeing the results you are looking for, you may need to re-visit your chosen keywords. 

Is Google Ads considered PPC advertising?

Yes, Google Ads is considered PPC advertising. 

How much do PPC campaigns cost?

It depends. One of the many reasons that businesses like PPC campaigns are that you have control over your spending. You can choose how much you want to spend as you place a maximum bid on your keywords. A daily spend limit can be set to protect your expenses.